Senior Dating - Let’s Talk About Sex in Senior Relationship

senior sex

We don’t need to avoid this sensitive topic when we are dating in our senior years. Many young people would thought that seniors don’t need sex anymore. But the truth is apposite, sex is still an important part in senior relationship and older people can still have active and fulfilling sex life.

Not many seniors would mention their desire for sex when they are making profiles on senior dating sites. And it might be considered to be rude to other members in traditional point view if they do. But according to a Janus report, researchers found that 74% of women age 65 and older encouraged in weekly sexual activity. That’s really an awkward situation that most senior daters do not face this or they just haven’t place it in an important place in relationships.

We can not deny the fact that age may bring some physical changes to both women and men that may affect their ability to enjoy sex. Some health problems can have a big impact on your sex life. But with our life changes for the better, more seniors stays active and healthy when getting older. What’s more, many seniors report that their sex lives actually improve as they age. So it is important for senior daters to realize that sex is an important part for their relationship and it is not shame to express their thoughts on this.

Based on many relationship counselors, better sex may also lead to better relationships between the two. And there are ways to better senior sex. The first important thing is to communicate your thoughts as well as feelings with your partner. A fully communication on this would make you stay closer not only on mind but also on body. Second, just relax and enjoy. No matter it starts with a hug or a kiss, enjoy the feeling it brings to you like it used to do. Third, explore something new. New things would bring excitement in sex. Try new positions which can please you both. Try a new place, maybe you have got used to have sex in your bedroom. Then why not try it in the sofa or somewhere that you both feels good. Fourth, say positive and active. Do regular excises which would not only make you stay healthy but also keep you full of energy. Also, don’t hide your desire for sex just because of your age.

There is one last but least note to all the senior daters that age does not protect people from sexually transmitted diseases. So you should know how to protect yourself from infected. For some infected seniors, you don’t have to be alone as well. Just check top herpes dating sites for help, you may also find the one that’s perfect for you.