The Dating Scene for Seniors

senior dating sceneIf you take a look at some recent data, you may be surprised to know that more than 25 million Baby Boomers and sneior citizens who are currently single, and this is quite a number! And despite this fact that so many are single, many do not turn to conventional dating method, such as senior online dating. The case with those over 50 is that you’re probably rejoining the dating scene, or you’ve been discouraged in the past because you haven’t found the person that you were truly searching for. What you need is a match that will complement your lifestyle, wants and needs, and you shouldn’t settle for less.

One thing that many Baby Boomers consider trying, that usually fails, is going to local places to pick up members of the opposite sex, but this is filled with those who are half your age, who can’t keep up with you intellectually and emotionally. No matter how young you are in spirit, your body is still the same, and as you get older, your body can’t handle and recuperate from these types of social situations like you used to be able to. After a while it wears on you, and only rarely can you find anybody of interest.

Another option that is available to you as a senior who is looking for love are the various dating websites that are currently online, working to find you a highly compatible soul mate that is right for you. There are larger and more reputable sites like, or you can go for more specialized dating sites that cater to single seniors like you with very specific hobbies and interests. The pool of candidates is large, and this does have the potential to increase your success rate because of the large volume, but it may also work against you. The large numbers of users can make the entire process completely impersonal. You need to be careful when using these online senior dating sites, as a potential candidate can be very untruthful with the information and images that they offer you.

There are local gatherings called speed dating events, where you can meet many single seniors in your own community or larger community area. These events are a great way to meet a lot of local people in a small amount of time, and they can end up pairing you with a potential mate, or even with someone in town that you may not have ever considered before, in terms of dating or a relationship.