Things to Consider Before Getting Re-Married

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When you are with someone for a long time, and are in a serious and committed relationship, then it may be a logical follow through to consider marriage. If you’re a senior or older, then chances are that you’ve been married before, and have experienced the ups and downs of marriage. Depending on your situation, you may have even been divorced, and there are many emotional factors and logistical factors that need to be considered when you’re planning or thinking about getting married. Nothing should be done on a whim when it comes to monumental life changes, and is something you should potentially discuss with your partner. Many who rush into a marriage say that they end up regretting it, and wish they had definitely given it more thought beforehand. How can you avoid wasted time and upset? By considering these ideas before you make your way to the altar.

The rate of divorce is high, and this is one of the most crucial reasons why you should never immediately rush into a marriage, especially in America, where the divorce rate is extremely high. It’s said that the amount of divorces per 1,000 people has increased, and that while they have in a bigger sense, fallen in recent times, it is still a hot button issue that deters many from getting married. When you marry someone, you inherit their traits and life circumstances, and for some this can be too much to handle. In many marriages, there are instances of infidelity, or financial struggle, as well as a lack of time or effort, and these are among the top reasons why so many people who get married today will get divorce in the future. If you haven’t, take the time to have a discussion with your significant other and speak with them about marriage, and the concept of divorce, in order to clear the air and know what could happen if the marriage goes sour.

Marriage, in its intended form, is meant to last for an entire lifetime. If you’re someone who upholds the traditional belief system that marriage and holding marriage vows as a life code is something that needs to be respected, then you need to know that you can have a partner who feels the same way. Having open dialogue is always the best option, so start a conversation about marriage with your partner. Marriage isn’t meant to be a temporary thrown together life choice, but instead is meant to be a state of being that will last you a lifetime, so treat it the way it is intended. If you’re not prepared to spend the rest of your life with the person you’re currently with, sit down and assess why. Sometimes it’s something that can be fixed – and sometimes it can’t. If it is something that is fundamentally wrong with your relationship, then you need to move on, not prep for marriage.

How long have you been with the person that you’re considering marrying? If you’re older, you may be mature enough to know right away if someone is right for you – or you may not. If you haven’t been with your partner wrong, you may be under the illusion that you are compatible with them, but this may not last for the long term. You need to know about all of the major life aspects of the person that you’re considering marrying, and their stance on major life issues so you can make sure that your family and home life will be a synchronized and pleasant effort. Take the time to get to know the one you’re with, and think deeply about if you two have enough in common for a lasting connection. If you’re compatible, then you can potentially press forward with your union, but if you’re not so compatible, then you need to reconsider.

Do you have the budget to waste your time and expenses for a wedding for someone you don’t plan on staying with? Marriage is a huge investment, and you need to consider the actual costs of getting married, and how they correlate with your level of compatibility. There are fees, family and other wedding costs to consider, as well as the union of your relationship – and your finances. You may not want to share your funds with someone who isn’t good with money, and if you’re with someone who has measurable assets, then you may need to get legal protection so your future spouse doesn’t simply use you for money, and then leaving you with the expectation that you’re getting more taken from you during a potential divorce.