Things You Should Know As A Senior Getting Into The Dating Scene

dating scene

As a senior citizen looking to get into dating, there are a number of things that you need to know about. These things are:

Age and looks don’t matter so much

When we are young we want to date people of a certain age. We also want people that have certain features. This isn’t the case when people dating over 40. Studies show that as people age and get wiser, they become flexible on age and looks. Most of the older people pay attention to the character and the ability of the other person to be a great companion. The older people know that compatibility isn’t determined by how people look or how old they are.

This is the reason why when you are dating an older person, they have to take the time to know you before they make the decision on whether you are supposed to be in their lives. This isn’t the case with the younger people. The younger people will start with sex and then decide whether they will like you to be in their lives.

Few seniors are looking for marriage

If you ask young people why they are dating, most of them will tell you that they are looking for someone to settle down with. This isn’t the case with older people. While there are some that are looking for marriage partners most of them are looking for companionship and nothing more.

Most of the seniors have been in marriages and probably don’t want to be in them again. Most of them are looking for someone to travel with, have dinner with or someone to simply share their favorite activities with.

Seniors like the real world

To most young people, the idea of talking with each other is shooting a few messages to each other. While there are some seniors that send messages, most of them prefer talking on the phone. It’s not known why they prefer doing it but it’s probably they grew up doing it.

Due to this preference, it’s common for the seniors to ask for your phone number much earlier than the younger people. Dating experts recommend that you shouldn’t feel awkward when a senior ask for your number early in the encounter. They want to hear your voice so that they can connect with you in order to decide whether they like you.

Honesty is of great importance

Yes, honesty is of great importance in all age groups but most seniors are highly sensitive to it. Most young people will let you off the hook when you lie about your real weight or age by a few figures but to most seniors, it won’t settle well. Remember that the seniors have been around for a long time thus they have come across many different types of people. When you make an incorrect statement, they will be highly doubtful of you.

To avoid losing a chance with your ideal partner you should ensure that everything that you say is the truth. This includes the information in your dating profile