Tips for Younger Men Dating Older Women


A cougar is an older woman in her maybe 40s, 50s and looking for a younger man either for a long term relationship or for fun. In most cases, the cougar will have money thus she will fuel your lifestyle. She can be married, single, or even divorced. Science teaches us that the sexual drive in women increases as they get older thus the cougar is looking for a man that can give her the sexual satisfaction that she can’t get in men her age. In addition to the sexual satisfaction, she is also looking to have some carefree fun that she can’t get from men in the same age group.

How to date a cougar

You can find a cougar from the cougar dating sites or from your local bar. To have a great relationship you need to know how to properly date a mature woman. To help you out, here are tips you should consider:

Be neat:

If the cougar is single, she is looking for someone she can present to her friends. For the older woman to be proud of you, you need to be presentable. This calls for you to be well groomed. You should get rid of facial hair, always iron your clothes, cut short your fingernails, etc.

Do something with your life:

Although, the mature woman has money and leading an independent life, it doesn’t mean she wants you to just be there for sex while she takes care of you—she wants someone who is doing something with his life. You should be in school or growing your career. When you have things going on in your life you become more valuable and the cougar will be more attracted to you.

Get rid of your ego:

Most men have egos but you shouldn’t show it if you want to have a successful relationship with an older woman. As mentioned, the older woman has her money and independence; therefore, you shouldn’t try to give her the macho look that is common with men when they are dating younger women. For the relationship to work, treat her with respect.

In addition to this, you should also avoid being too possessive. This calls for you to avoid nagging her of where she is, what she is doing, and who she is with. Remember that she has played all the games that people play and she is living an independent life. When you try “supervising” her you will be driving her away.

Engage in intelligent conversation:

Since the cougar is older and mature, she won’t discuss how drunk she was, her sexual conquests, or any other immature conversation that is common with younger people. When you are talking to her, you should stick to mature conversation. You can discuss the things you like doing, the music you enjoy listening to, films you have watched, or even your work.

This is what you need to know about the cougar. Whether online or offline, don’t be scared of starting the conversation when you see a mature lady that you like. Who knows where that simple “hello” might lead to?